How Sedation Dentistry Helps Patients Unwind for Procedures

Many people are afraid of visiting the dentist and undergoing minor procedures. Some patients become anxious at the thought of going for a dental exam or getting a cavity filled. Discover how sedation dentistry helps patients unwind so they can face necessary dental treatments.

Getting to Dental Appointments

A large number of patients get worried about tooth cleaning or a dental visit for a toothache. Putting off these treatments can lead to more painful dental procedures in the future. Sedation dentistry makes it easy for patients to schedule dental appointments to avoid getting severe oral hygiene problems.

Basics About Sedation Dentistry

From tooth cleaning to invasive procedures, sedation dentistry helps patients feel relaxed. Sedation dentistry refers to the administration of specific medication before undergoing dental treatments or procedures. Most patients remain awake unless they get general anesthesia.

Different Levels of Sedation

Different levels of sedation are available, based on the patient’s level of anxiety and the intensity of the planned procedure. Levels of sedation include minimal, moderate, and deep as well as general anesthesia. With deep sedation, the patient can be awakened while general anesthesia renders a patient unconscious during the procedure.

Methods of Administration

Various levels of sedation are administered in different ways. Methods of administration include inhaled, oral, IV, and intense medications that put patients to sleep or nearly asleep. Most of the time, a local anesthetic is also used to numb the area of the mouth where the dentist is working.

Reasons for Sedation

Sedation is administered by a qualified dental professional for various reasons. Fearful patients are sedated as well as those with a low threshold for pain. Other reasons include a bad gag reflex, sensitive teeth, and patients who need significant dental work.

Sedation Dentistry is for Almost Everyone

Certain health conditions may prohibit patients from getting sedated. However, most patients can take advantage of the benefits of sedation dentistry, including children. A qualified dentist can determine if a patient is a good candidate for sedation dentistry.

Contact Dental Care Burke in Virginia today to learn more about the benefits of sedation dentistry. Instead of being fearful, patients can now get the dental treatments they need without feeling anxious. Sedation dentistry helps people have good oral hygiene.